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Portal development

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A portal is one of the most complex sites in the development.  Actually it's not even a site, it’s a web project that can include several sites and Internet pages, a variety of services and functions.

A portal is a complex web project that includes many interactive services and functional blocks. In fact, it can be an independent site or several related Internet pages. The development of a portal can include the functions and technologies of a regular site, mass media, a directory, communication platforms, a product catalog and etc.

Today there are several types of portals:

First, there are so-called vertical (highly specialized) portals, which most reveal a particular topic (for example, information about tourism). 

Secondly, there are horizontal portals that affect a variety of topics that can attract the maximum number of users.

Thirdly, there are B2B portals or, simply put, trading platforms with advanced functionality designed for doing business. Not so long ago one more type of portal has appeared. It’s a corporate portal. From its name it is clear that the main goal of this portal is to provide all the information about a company.

Advantages of Portal Development:

  • The main task of any site is to attract the maximum number of users, and a portal deals with it better.
  • A portal allows you to place and organize a huge amount of information.
  • Thanks to a portal you will be able to build a positive image and recognition of your company.
  • A portal allows you to significantly increase sales and expand your presence in the market.

Why you should trust us.

Development, creation, filling and promotion of portals is a very time-consuming and responsible job. Only high-qualified professionals, such as those who work in «1st Studio», can cope with it.

  • We know how to develop a convenient, attractive, memorable portal with a well thought out structure.
  • We are not afraid of difficult tasks and we are ready to live out everything you can imagine.
  • We love creative, memorable sites that stand out from the rest.
  • We aspire to "keep up with the times", and therefore we use only the most modern technologies during developing and creating websites.
Обычные ссылки
Use ready-made templates and only change the content.
Gather a site from the "free" plug-ins and can not escape from the basic functionality.
Avoid communication with the client, after signing the act of work performed.
Use the work of freelancers and disrupt time.
Ссылки Gov & Edu
All sites, we develop exclusively with a unique design.
We develop complex technical solutions without using heavy modules and plugins.
The guarantee of technical support of the site is 12 months
and is indicated in the contract.
All projects are carried out independently and on time, without resorting to outside assistance.