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Landing Page

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A Landing page is an effective website page, which allows you to significantly expand the client base, increase the number of sales and bring your business to a new stage of development in a short time and with a minimum of investment. 

The main goal of any business is to attract as many customers as possible and ultimately to maximize profit. A Landing page handles this task best.

In fact, a Landing page is a single-page site with a high level of conversion to calls and requests. The peculiarity of such a site is that a user receives all the necessary information about a product or service right here and right now, without having to go to additional pages. By the way a Landing page allows you to attract the maximum number of the target audience, because a user gets to it by clicking on a link or entering a search query. It means that a user is already looking for your product/service.

The main goal of a Lending page is to sell. And it doesn’t matter what it will be: exclusive cars or expensive jewelry, tickets for trainings or events, window cleaning or personal driver services.

Advantages of a Landing page

  • A Landing page is not just a web site of your company, it is a thought-out marketspeak that will allow you to attract the maximum number of customers in a minimum time and significantly increase sales
  • A Landing page can afford even a start-up entrepreneur with a limited budget, because the development of a landing page is much cheaper than creating a huge site with thousands of pages
  • The Development of a Landing page takes from professionals from several days to a week. It means that it will start bringing you profit as soon as possible.
  • A Landing page is ideal for a successful start of a business, promotional events, increasing sales if the customer flow has decreased

Reasons to choose «1st Studio» to create a Landing page

Landing page development is just a seemingly simple task. In fact it's only the professionals who can create a high-quality landing page, because a landing page includes not only a well-thought-out design (which you agree is not easy for a beginner) and an effective selling text, but it includes     the development and implementation of an advertising campaign. Our experienced marketing managers will understand the essence of your business, study the preferences of your target audience and set up a really effective advertising campaign that will lead to a flood of new requests and orders.

Обычные ссылки
Use ready-made templates and only change the content.
Gather a site from the "free" plug-ins and can not escape from the basic functionality.
Avoid communication with the client, after signing the act of work performed.
Use the work of freelancers and disrupt time.
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All sites, we develop exclusively with a unique design.
We develop complex technical solutions without using heavy modules and plugins.
The guarantee of technical support of the site is 12 months
and is indicated in the contract.
All projects are carried out independently and on time, without resorting to outside assistance.